Why Resources

Young people must have the basic tools for success in order to thrive.


The majority of young people people living in Haiti don’t have access to basic resources such as electricity, modern sanitation facilities, and clean drinking water.


Often students are living in difficult housing situations where they are crammed in with lots of people and have little privacy from their neighbors, and this makes it difficult to study.


Most students do not have access to computers or internet in their home, so they’re not learning the skills they will need to get a good job.


“Sometimes you may have homework to do, but don’t have the resources to get your schoolwork done because you don’t have access to books, a computer, or electricity.”

Etienne, Student/Mentor

“Having access to a computer really helps me because we live in a modern world where the majority of what you need is found on the internet. It enables you to gain knowledge. It enables you to go further, anywhere you can imagine.”

Aland, Student

Resources we provide …

Resource Center

The resource center is a safe space where students can do homework, connect with mentors or other students, or just have fun. We strive to create a community environment where students are encouraged to learn, connect, and enjoy life.


In our rapidly changing world, young people must be comfortable with technology if they are going to compete for the best jobs. When students have access to computers and internet, it not only allows them to learn how to use these tools, but it connects them in ways that open up a world of possibilities.

Extracurricular Activities

Learning is so much more than just sitting in a classroom. At the resource center, we host student discussions, supplementary classes, and social activities. We strive to make our students feel valued and to give them opportunities to explore interests outside of the classroom.



Education is an essential step toward overcoming the cycle of poverty. Our students receive assistance with tuition, books, food, and transportation, so they are equipped to succeed.



The support of a caring mentor can make all the difference. Our mentors truly care about the students, and they provide much-needed guidance and support.

Will you give young people in Haiti the chance to thrive?