Why Education

Education has the power to change the trajectory of a young person’s life.

Over half of the Haitian population is under 25 years old, yet many of these young people cannot afford to go to school.

When young people fail to get a basic education, they are doomed to continue the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

Education opens the door for future opportunities that will help young people break the cycle of poverty and have the chance to THRIVE.

“Primarily, education allows you to live in a better society, and with education we can accomplish many of the things that we want to accomplish.”
Aland, Student


Our Strategy

Provide financial assistance.

We pay for students’ tuition, and we also help with uniforms, books, food, and transportation as needed. We make sure that they have everything they need to succeed.

Partner with local schools.

We are based in Port-au-Prince, and we allow students to select a school of their choice so they can find the right fit for them and make sure that it is a convenient location.

Invest for the long term.

We have students ranging all the way from kindergarten through university, and our goal is for every student to graduate from high school and a college or vocational school so that they have the best chance to thrive in the future.

“When I am able to go to school, I enjoy sitting down and following the lectures, that makes me feel human, and it gives me hope that I can achieve my goals in spite of everything.”

Nerline, Student
“For me, education is the key to open every door.”

Erson, Student/Mentor

Going Deeper


When students are able to return to school, it affirms their inherent dignity as human beings. The result is a positive impact in even deeper ways that are harder to quantify. Here are 3 of the less visible—but infinitely valuable—ways that students’ lives are changed through education:


Watching other kids put on freshly pressed uniforms and head off to school makes those left behind feel discouraged and ashamed. But when these same young people put on their new uniform for the first time and return to school, they are reminded of their dignity and value.


Poverty does so much more than rob people of material things. It also causes a deep sense of discouragement that can lead to despair. However, when young people have the opportunity to pursue an education, they begin to believe there is hope for their future.


Thrive Ansanm is a community of dedicated donors, mentors, and students who are committed to serving their families, neighborhoods, and countries. We’ve learned that it’s in the context of healthy community that young people are most likely to thrive.

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Will you give young people in Haiti the chance to thrive?