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Practical and relational solutions to help students thrive.

Haitian students apply for help. Every student that reaches out for assistance must go through a formal application process. Our staff meet with the family and get to know the specific goals and needs of the student. After a student is accepted, they become a part of the Thrive Ansanm community, and we post their fundraising profile.


Students receive financial support from generous people like you. Once a student is fully supported, we commit to keep that student in school and provide the support they need to succeed. Our staff on the ground work directly with local schools, students, and their families to ensure that each student’s financial needs are met and funds are properly managed.


Students receive access to education, mentoring, and resources. Upon reaching their financial goal, students receive financial aid for school, are assigned a local mentor, and gain access to the Thrive Ansanm resource center. They also may attend all supplementary training and extracurricular activities that we provide.

Beyond the Classroom

Our ultimate goal is not just to get students through school but to help them thrive. That’s why we take both a practical and relational approach. We desire to create an environment where young people can thrive and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.



Education is an essential step toward overcoming poverty. Yet most families struggle to afford to send their kids to school. When a student is supported through Thrive Ansanm, we cover the cost of their tuition, books, uniforms, food, and transportation, so they can stay in school and excel.



The support of a caring mentor can make all the difference. Our mentors truly care about the students, and they provide much-needed guidance and support. This is especially important for young people living in poverty because often their parents never received an education themselves.


Resources are the tools that are needed to succeed. In Haiti, most people don’t have access to consistent electricity, and they live in inadequate housing conditions. At our resource center, students can study, connect with their mentors, and access computers and internet.

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Students Look to the Future

Students Look to the Future

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