Why Technology

Digital access creates opportunities for young people in Haiti.

Haitian students are getting left behind because most don’t have access to computers or high-speed internet. That’s why we’re helping young Haitians get the connectivity they need to learn and engage in today’s world. Together we can empower young people in Haiti gain the technological skills that will prepare them for the modern workforce.

Thrive Ansanm Resource Center

We provide hundreds of students with access to laptops and high-speed internet at our resource center in Jeremie, Haiti. This is a safe space where students can study, research, and connect with other students/young professionals.

Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity opens a world of possibilities, but most Haitians can only afford unreliable pay-as-you-go access for a smartphone. However, at our resource center students and young professionals can access laptops and reliable broadband connection.



We host courses on topics such as information technology, engineering, graphic design, and marketing. As one of the few spaces in our area with a presentation screen and high-speed internet, we also host various other community seminars and educational events.


Our space serves as a community hub where students, mentors, and young professionals can gather to learn, encourage one another, and exchange ideas. We strive to create a welcoming environment that promotes learning and community engagement.

Digital access creates opportunity

Access to computers and high-speed internet enables young people to connect beyond Haiti’s borders while gaining the valuable skills they will need for their future careers. Thus, despite having fewer resources than their peers in more developed countries, they still have access to the vast amount of free information and open-source software that is available online.

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