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The journey out of poverty is a process that requires commitment and determination, but with help it is possible. When you become a Thrive monthly donor, you join a community of people committed to making a long term impact in the lives of young Haitians. Your support provides education, technology, and mentoring on an ongoing basis. This is a holistic approach that truly positions young people to thrive as students, leaders, and human beings.



Education is a step toward a brighter future. However, most families struggle to afford to send their kids to school. When a student is supported through Thrive Ansanm, we cover the cost of their tuition and other school costs, so they can stay in school and succeed.


Digital access creates opportunity and connection. Most Haitian students don’t have a computer or high-speed internet, but at our resource center local students can access laptops, high-speed internet, and consistent electricity, so they won’t get left behind in today’s digital world.



Mentoring develops the leaders of tomorrow. We match university students with personal mentors who who provide guidance from their experience. These mentors are qualified professionals from the local community, so they understand the unique challenges confronting Haitian students.

Meet the Students


Charlotte lives with her parents in a rural area near the town of Jeremie. Highly intelligent, at a young age she stands out for her kindness and communication skills. For example, she already speaks excellent French even though many Haitian children are only fluent in Creole. In fact, she's helping other kids in her school to learn because she speaks French with them. Her teachers say she is a natural leader, yet she's in danger of dropping out of school because her parents can't afford to...


Dorval lives in a small house with his mother who is a teacher, but she doesn't make enough money to support his studies. An active young man, he invests much of his free time in photography and video pursuits, volunteering his skills to various local organizations. Through his photography, he found himself taking photos of many houses in the community that were in very poor condition, and this is what sparked his interest in civil engineering. He is committed to pursuing a good career in his...

Marie Ween Flore

Marie Ween Flore is a happy, fun-loving child who lives with her mother and sister, and her favorite pastime is to dress and play with her dolls. Since her mother and father are unemployed, they cannot afford to send her to school. Though she is young, she already has already decided that she would like to be a Spanish teacher and translator when she grows up. She is not yet fluent, but she loves the language, and she already has some basic vocabulary. Of course, that may change as she gets...


Jameson has not led an easy life. His mother died during his birth, and he now lives with his godparents in a small two-room house in Jérémie. In spite of the many obstacles he has faced, he remains positive, and he is actively pursuing his goals. He is most interested in focusing on the construction aspect of civil engineering because he has observed that many houses and buildings in Haiti are not well-built, so he sees the need for good engineers. After graduating, he would like to...


Abigaïl is a very smart little girl who lives with her mother and sister and likes playing with other children in the community. Her mother has no steady employment, so she is forced to buy and sell small items on the street just to survive, and this is why she can't afford to send Abigaïl to school. Abigaïl is very active, and she says that singing and cooking are among her favorite activities. Your support will enable her to get a good education and explore her many interests. Ultimately, it...

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