Featured Student

Marie Ween Flore
Marie Ween Flore

Marie Ween Flore is a happy, fun-loving child who lives with her mother and sister, and her favorite pastime is to dress and play with her dolls....

Invest in a Student

Your investment pays for all of the student’s educational expenses and helps with other essentials such as food and transportation. You’re truly positioning a student to thrive, but your impact doesn’t stop there! Your investment also helps us to reach many other students in the community through our technology resource center and mentoring program.

Donate Where Needed Most

Not ready to commit to a specific student? That’s ok! When you make a general donation, you enable us to provide more students with access to education, technology, and mentoring. Whether you give $5 or $500, monthly or one-time, every donation makes a difference. A large portion of our general fund goes to support individual students, so you will still be helping to send more students to school.

“When I get up in the morning and get dressed to go to school, wow, I feel really happy. Because it’s just one step closer toward my future, my dreams that I hope to achieve.”
                    – Aland, Student

How is your donation allocated?

School Costs

When you support a student, we commit to keeping that student in school. This means that we cover the student’s tuition and help with other necessities such as books, uniforms, food, and transportation.


Once the student’s school costs are covered, we invest the majority of the remaining money in our programs. This includes staff/mentor wages, resource center rent, student activities, and other such essential program expenses.

Fundraising / Administration

We reserve a small portion of the money you donate toward a student to help with our fundraising efforts, keep the lights on, and make sure our program is running smoothly.

Your support is giving young people in Haiti the chance to thrive!