We believe that everyone deserves the chance to thrive.

We’re empowering young people in Haiti to build a thriving future. Will you join us?

Most Haitian children will never graduate from high school or earn a decent living because of the difficult socio-economic situation. That’s why we’re empowering young people in Haiti to thrive through education, technology, and mentoring. From kindergarten to university, our goal is to create a pathway to thriving, so young Haitians are positioned to pursue a meaningful career and become leaders in their communities.



Education is a step toward a brighter future. However, most families struggle to afford to send their kids to school. When a student is supported through Thrive Ansanm, we cover the cost of their tuition and other school costs, so they can stay in school and succeed.


Digital access creates opportunity and connection. Most Haitian students don’t have a computer or high-speed internet, but at our resource center local students can access laptops, high-speed internet, and consistent electricity, so they won’t get left behind in today’s digital world.



Mentoring develops the leaders of tomorrow. We match university students with personal mentors who who provide guidance from their experience. These mentors are qualified professionals from the local community, so they understand the unique challenges confronting Haitian students.

Featured Students

Featured Students

Haiti’s Struggle for freedom and prosperity

The Haitian people won their freedom from slavery and French rule in 1804, but this came at a price. Fearing Haiti’s successful revolution would inspire their own slaves to revolt, several world powers refused to trade with Haiti or recognize its independence for many years. Meanwhile, France imposed a massive unjust debt on Haiti by threat. This combination of economic isolation and debt crippled the young country economically, and this is the primary reason Haiti is “the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere” today. Haiti is now undergoing a violent social and political crisis that is robbing millions of young people of their future. However, Thrive Ansanm was born out of the initiative of young Haitians, and we remain hopeful that the younger generation will rise up to create a more prosperous Haiti.

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Will you give young people in Haiti the chance to thrive?